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Claire Walsh

Sustaining Knowledge for a Changing Climate is a EPSRC project which aims to sustain the research and end user community developed around the BKCC (Building Knowledge for a Changing Climate) project. SKCC will operate as a network, together with focussed review and workshop activities on topics of particular importance from the point of view of impacts and adaptation in the built environment.

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Sustaining Knowledge for a Changing Climate (SKCC) 2006-04-19
Site Visit 4: BIONICS embankment, Newcastle upon Tyne 2007-08-08
London Stakeholder Workshop 2007-10-17
Edinburgh Stakeholder Workshop 2007-10-17
Workshop: use of probabilistic scenarios 2007-08-08
Stakeholder Workshop (London) 2007-08-08
Stakeholder Workshop (Edinburgh) 2007-08-08
BIONICS site visit 2007-08-08
BKCC project review 2008-04-25
Recommendations for future research priorities 2008-03-14
Researcher - Stakeholder Workshop Report 2008-02-27
Pavel Kabat - keynote address 2008-02-27
John Handley - data management 2008-02-27
Workshops 2007-08-08
Researcher/Stakeholder Workshops 2007-08-08
BKCC Dissemination Conference 2006-09-20
Stakeholder Workshops 2006-09-20
SKCC Newsletters 2006-09-28
instruments 2007-10-25
stephanie 2007-10-25
paul 2007-10-22
mike 2007-10-22
ochre 2007-10-22
News Item
Two-day workshop:review 2007-05-22
BKCC Publication 2007-04-17
BKCC: results dissemination conference 2007-01-15
Probabilistic Scenarios Workshop: review 2006-12-14
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