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by Claire Walsh last modified 2007-02-23 11:58

Building Economic and Social information for Examining the Effects of Climate cHange

The essence of the BESEECH project is to generate enhanced socio-economic scenarios, which characterise in particular the ability and capacity of different actors and individuals relevant to the built environment to adapt to climate change, for use by the different BKCC projects in their work. The project will also synthesise the socio-economic elements of the BKCC portfolio to obtain a comprehensive view of the possible impacts, and adaptation options, for specific target groups and organisations, and an integrated view of the socio-economic implications for the built environment.

Background and Aims

This project addresses the capacity of systems in the building sector to adapt to climate change, making use of the concept of adaptive capacity, which is emerging as a key concept facilitating the understanding of how human systems may respond to climate change. Together with exposure and sensitivity, adaptive capacity can be seen as a key determinant of the vulnerability of a system. The work will be carried out alongside other EPSRC projects within the "Building Knowledge for a Changing Climate" (BKCC) portfolio.

The main objectives for the project are:

  • to develop novel means of assessing the capacity and willingness of individuals and organisations in the building sector to adapt to climate change, with the goal of characterising their behaviour under a range of socio-economic scenarios;

  • to expand and further interpret, both quantitatively and qualitatively, the four socio-economic scenarios developed under the UK Climate Impacts Programme (UKCIP), in order to meet the specific needs of projects in the BKCC portfolio;

  • to synthesise the socio-economic elements of the BKCC programme.


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