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Data Management Facility: review

by Claire Walsh last modified 2006-12-15 10:16

BKCC has been one of the first EPSRC consortia to make use of coordinated data management procedures and this has had a range of research support benefits for those involved. Benefits have included assisting with access to data, identifying procedures for reporting research outputs and liaising with metadata disseminators. Furthermore, the Group has provided additional opportunities for project integration, often forging new lines of communications between researchers and research groups. Since the use of formal data management procedures in academic research projects and related consortia is still relatively new, the Group has also explored some of the limitations of existing tools and procedures. In some cases this has led to the development of new approaches and practices, such as the development of bespoke research output documentation types.

Over its three phases, the BKCC DMG has:

  1. Identified joint data requirements, assisted with acquiring data and helped in the negotiation of appropriate licenses;
  2. Produced a metadatabase conforming to the latest UK geospatial metadata standards. The final records describing BKCC project data outputs will be hosted via the GIGateway1 catalogue and will be flagged as being sourced to BKCC;
  3. Produced a set of ‘metamodel’ summaries to record method and model research outputs. These will be published via the BKCC and SKCC websites; and
  4. Produced high level diagrammatic summaries for BKCC projects.
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